BookAdopter aims to improve the way university students buy and sell their textbooks.

The website provides a free platform where students can sell the textbooks they don't use anymore and buy the ones they need for their studies.

Our ultimate goal is to enable students to finance their new textbooks by selling their old ones, thus saving them money, as well as the planet's trees!


Core team. BookAdopter is developed by a two-person team based in the UK:

Philippe Ducrest
Email: philippe@bookadopter.com
Facebook: philippe.ducrest
Ali Eslami
Email: ali@bookadopter.com
Website: arkitus.com
Facebook: ali.eslami

Ambassadors. BookAdopter is promoted by a network of awesome people from across the UK:

Tara MacBain
University of St Andrews
Email: tara@bookadopter.com
Adele de Fontbrune
King's College London
Email: adele@bookadopter.com
Sofia Dolfe
University of Edinburgh
Email: sofia@bookadopter.com
Lynda Zein
University of Edinburgh
Email: lynda@bookadopter.com
Peter Zhu
University of Salford
Email: peter@bookadopter.com
Turan Massimov
University of Exeter
Email: turan@bookadopter.com
Lorna Ayton
University of Cambridge
Email: lorna@bookadopter.com
Aidan Rocke
University of Edinburgh
Email: aidan@bookadopter.com
Oliver Osborne
University of East Anglia
Email: oliver@bookadopter.com
Edoardo Cavallazzi
Imperial College London
Email: edoardo@bookadopter.com
Amr El-Labban
University of Oxford
Email: amr@bookadopter.com
Rushab Shah
University of Salford
Email: rushab@bookadopter.com
Hassan Shenasa
Purdue University
Email: hassan@bookadopter.com
Khodor Fawaz
University of Edinburgh
Email: khodor@bookadopter.com

Partners. BookAdopter is supported by the following lovely companies:

Smart MultiTouch Solutions
Website: interface3.com